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Anti-Blue light Ray Glasses

Anti-Blue light Ray Glasses

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Suffering sore eyes and headaches from long screen time?

It is because exposure to harmful blue rays from phones, tablets, computers, etc. ruins your sleep and causes your eyes' damage. Anti-Blue light Ray Glasses offers maximum protection with our multi-layer coating designed specifically to reduce glare, reflect blue rays away from the user and relieve long-term eye strain caused by excess electronic device use.

✔️ Anti-Blue Light Glasses - Blue light blocker Lenses, Alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from browsing mobile phones, tablets, gaming, and working under fluorescent lights.

✔️ High-Quality Lenses - The lenses are made of wear-resistant, transparent and environmental material to provide you with a good reading experience. Its standard pupillary distance and precise magnification ensure that you won't feel dizzy when wearing the glasses and that they provide you with real help in reading.

✔️ Easy To Clean - Men / women / unisex. scratch resistant. Comfortable fit, the handy set allows you to store a pair of reading glasses in different places so you always have a pair close at hand.

✔️ Suitable For Any Occasion - These stylish reading glasses are perfect for wearing anywhere, whether you're in your bedroom, living room, or office. These reading glasses can help you see nearby objects more easily.


Material - Plastic
Color - As Shown
Size - H: 48mm x W: 149mm


1 x Anti Blue light Ray Glasses


A great way to look more intelligent before you ever speak a word is to wear glasses. With the glasses being transparent, still, 90% of the blue light is reflected leaving you with a clear depiction like you never put them on. Get yours now at 50% off! Order your Anti-Blue Light Ray Glasses TODAY! whilst stock lasts. 

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