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Hair Trimmer with Grooming & Cleansing Kit

Hair Trimmer with Grooming & Cleansing Kit

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Trim Your Beard and Hair Quickly and Cleanly!

Our Hair Trimmer with Grooming & Cleansing Kit is a must-have for detailed work on your hair, beards, and mustaches.

Whether you need clippers for lining black hair, grooming a beard, cleaning up a hairline and neck, designing mustache clip art, or drawing a design into a fade, this Hair Trimmer with Grooming & Cleansing Kit can do the job. 

✂ Superior Performance - Powerful motor and sharp blade enable easy and quick cut without getting stuck in hair. Different types of guide comb allow you to trim hair precisely in three lengths(1mm,2mm,3mm). 

✂ Cool and Practical Design  -  Stainless steel suspension bracket equipped with transparent, removable protective case, shows mechanical beauty as well as protects the blade from broken hair.

✂ Easy To Hold and Use - You can hold the hair clipper for a long time but your hand and arm don’t feel sore. With a one-button design, both beginner and professional barbers can find it convenient to use.

✂ Low Noise - It is powerful and sharp, capture and cut hair evenly, is fast and labor-saving, with minimal noise control at the same time. It is perfect for traveling.


Voltage - 3.7V
Battery Capacity - 1200mA; Li-battery: 700mAh
Hair Trimmer Size - 14.5 x 4 cm

Packaged Includes:

1 x Protective Case
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Combs
1 x USB cable
1 x Clipper

A Perfect Hair Cutting Machine Used at Home!

Our enhanced self-sharpening precision durable blades, make it last longer and cut off hair smoothly, quickly, easily, efficiently, and precisely, at 50% off! Order your Hair Trimmer with Grooming & Cleansing Kit TODAY! whilst stock lasts.

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