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Inspiring Wave



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Save Time And More Productive!

Is your phone addiction getting in the way of your productivity? This product will help you become more productive by allowing you to control how much time you spend on your phone. You'll have more time for the things that matter most to you!

✔ Self-Control - This product will help you save time by reducing phone use. You'll also be more productive because you won't be spending so much time on your phone or playing games on your computer.

✔ Save Your Money - By putting your Cash, Debit, and Credit Cards in, you will begin to spend less money and save money in the future.

✔ Wide Range Of Use - This product is perfect for parents who want to limit their kids' screen time, people who need to focus on work, and anyone who wants to be more productive in general.

✔ Unique Lock & Unlock Design - You don't need to perform any complicated operation, Just Set the lock time from 1 minute to 999 hours and place the items you want to lock. When the set time is reached, the lockbox will automatically open.

Take Control Of Your Life!

Not only in preventing and controlling cell phone addiction, but I can also prevent excessive smoking, reasonable control of snacks, controlling children ’s toys,  gamepads, etc. At 50% off, order your LockBox™ TODAY whilst stock lasts.


  • Material - ABS Plastic
  • Color - As Shown
  • Size - 5.63" x 6.3"


  • 1 x LockBox™
  • 1 x Package Bag

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