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Inspiring Wave

Novelty Magic Plasma Ball Light

Novelty Magic Plasma Ball Light

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This Novelty Magic Plasma Ball Light is something magical. The plasma responds to your touch or sound. The plasma ball creates electromagnetic waves by emitting a high frequency that ionizes the gas inside the sphere and turns it into plasma. When the gas is ionized, energy is emitted in the form of colorful “streamers”. It will create a mysterious, warm, and comfortable atmosphere for parties or festivals.

✔️ Touch & Sound Sensitive - The plasma ball not only follow your touch with light but also respond to loud music. The built-in sound sensor responds to music and other sound effects (80decibels or louder), and sparks dance in sync with the music.

✔️ Dc Adapter & Plug-In - With an adapter, no batteries are required. Just plug in the plasma ball and watch it flicker and flare. And light LED bulb up, it works like charm.

✔️ Unique And Cool Decoration - This plasma ball is great for decoration to your bedroom, living room, dorms, office, party, or anywhere else you could add fantastic fun! Great fun in the dark.

✔️ Exciting Gift Surprise - If he/she is full of curiosity or likes to explore science, they will absolutely be attracted to this magic globe. Such a special gift will definitely make them feel excited and interesting.


Material - Glass + ABS
Light Lighting Color - Red
Size - 23cm x 9cm


1 x Novelty Magic Plasma Ball Light
1 x USB Data Line


Plasma Ball is a cool, entertaining, and interactive light. The crystal-ball-type light has streams of light inside that follow your hand as you move it around the ball. Impress guests with this hypnotizing plasma ball. Turn on this device and experience static electricity and let the fun begin as you spend hours just watching these colorful rays flicker and bounce around. Get yours now at 50% off! Order your Novelty Magic Plasma Ball Light TODAY! whilst stock lasts.

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