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Over Size Hoodie Blanket

Over Size Hoodie Blanket

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You'll Be In Total Comfort And It'll Keep You Warm Anywhere You Go!

Our Over-Size Hoodie Fleece Sweatshirt will keep you Warm and Comfortable during cold days and nights. No matter which side you choose to wear, the plush Sherpa side or the micro smooth fleece material, both fabrics are extremely soft with a warm comfortable feeling for your entire body.

Like A fleece Blanket - You do not have to throw the blanket anymore, but you can go through the day with the feeling of the warm blanket around you. The outside has a beautiful fleece finish. So you have a soft material both on the inside and the outside that envelops you with softness.

✔ Suitable For Relaxing EveningsYou can enjoy our hoodie sweatshirt while camping, outdoor sporting events, concerts, lounging at home, watching TV, family time, or even walking your pets, reading a book while working on your computer.

✔ Extra Large Front Pocket - Keeps your hands warm and also has a smaller pocket inside for the cell phone, TV remote control, and/or small personal items. Equipped with a kangaroo bag. 

✔ One Size Fits ALL - It is designed oversize for a comfortable roomy fit. Available for men, women, teenagers, and in youth size.


Material - Plush and fleece (polyester)
Size - 160 x 82 cm

Packaged Include:

1 x Over-Size Hoodie Fleece Sweatshirts


Over Size Hoodie Fleece Sweatshirts that give you the opportunity to go out comfortably without being ashamed of how you look. If you want style and comfort in one, at 50% off. While supplies last, order your Over-Size Hoodie Fleece Sweatshirts TODAY.

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