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Smart Correction Belt Sensor

Smart Correction Belt Sensor

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Say Goodbye To Back Or Neck Pain!

Do you have to work long hours in front of a computer or do you have discomfort and soreness in your back and shoulders?

Introducing the Smart Correction Belt Sensor is the perfect tool to help people use their back muscles to maintain good posture. Often with traditional methods like pillows or foam wedges, most of the pressure on your chest and stomach can even make you feel more uncomfortable after placing it.

✔ Pain-Free Life – By correcting the posture, the Smart Correction Belt Sensor also relieves back, shoulder, and neck pain all at the same time.

✔ Comfortable Fit – The Smart Correction Belt Sensor is exclusively made for your comfort.

✔ Smart Posture Reminder – Intelligent vibration reminder allows you to be alert to keep your back straight and keeps track of how many slouches you made to help improve your habit every day.

✔ Premium Quality Fabric – Featuring strong but lightweight breathable materials.


Material - Cotton, ABS
Size - 104mm x 86.2mm
Weight - 75g


1 x Smart Corrector
1 x Manual
1 x Cable


Relieve chronic back and prevent hunching, slouching, scoliosis, or computer posture. Push your shoulders back and align your spine to enjoy your pain-free life, at 50% off! Order your Smart Correction Belt Sensor TODAY! whilst stock lasts. 

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