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V-Line Face Re-Shaper

V-Line Face Re-Shaper

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Say Goodbye To Double Chins And Sagging Cheeks!

Our V-Line Face Re-Shaper Belt will help you achieve your Desired Slim, youthful appearance. Fabric is lightweight and breathable for a firm face. No side effects and mild for kinds of skin. Make your health beautiful safe and effective!  

✔ V Face Lift - Say goodbye to double chins, firm facial skin, improve facial and neck wrinkles, and prevent sagging cheeks. Make you look younger and more spiritual.

 Make Your Health Beautiful - High elasticity, comfortable and breathable fabric, easy to have a firm face. No side effects, mild for kinds of skin, will not cause allergic reactions, safe to use.

✔ Safe & Effective - Promote facial blood circulation, and smooth the signs of aging. Making your cheek and chin thining, reducing double chin, improving skin relaxation, enhancing skin elasticity, can make the face smaller, smoother, and add more solid facial lines.

✔ Stylish Design - Simple product design, but with amazing results. You can use it while sleeping, watching TV, doing housework, and resting to improve facial contours. 

✔ Perfect Fit - You can wear this Chin Strap while sleeping, watching TV, doing housework, and resting.


  • Material - Soft Fabric
  • Size - 24.4" x 2.8"

Packaged Include:

  • 1 x V-Line Face Re-Shaper
  • 1 x Package Bag


If you want to achieve your desired slim and youthful appearance, our V-Shaped Line Chin Up Face Lift Double Chin Belt is the best choice, at 50% off. Order your V-Shaped Line Chin Up Face Lift Double Chin Belt TODAY whilst stock lasts.

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