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Wooden Shoe Stretchers

Wooden Shoe Stretchers

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The Effective Way To Prevent Shoe Deformation!

Do you have a new pair of shoes that are too tight? You don't need to throw away your new shoes or spend more money on another pair.  

We offer Wooden Shoe Stretchers to help you get the perfect fit. They allow you to stretch the shoe and make it more comfortable.

🥾 Relieve Pain - Help relieves blisters, bones, calluses, corns, overlapping toes, toe pain, pinched toes, and relieve pain caused by tight shoes.

🥾 Easy To Use - Boot stretcher women and men just insert the into the boots and then turn the knob clockwise to begin stretching the boots. Leave the shoe stretchers in overnight, or for 12-24 hours.

🥾 Suitable Size - Suitable for low to medium height heels, will work with many cowboy boots, Suitable for men’s and women’s shoes. helping create a dry and healthy environment for your boots, thus extending their lifetime.

🥾 Material - The shoe stretcher is made of high-quality pine wood and metal which is natural and healthy, no harm to you and your shoes, strong and durable, light, and easy to carry.


1. Insert the stretchers into the shoes, left and right are generic;
2. Length adjustment: Turn the “wheel-shaped” handle clockwise to adjust the length of the stretchers;
3. Width adjustment: Turn the “L-shaped” metal handle clockwise to adjust the width of the stretchers;
4. Leave the stretcher in shoes for at least 24 hours;
5. Turn the handles counterclockwise and remove the stretcher from the shoes.


Material - Solid Pine Wood & Metal Shaft
Handle Length - 33cm/13inches
Handle Width - 7.5cm/3inches
Shoe last length16.5cm/17cm/18cm--6.5inches/6.7inches/7inches
Product Weight - SMALL: 522G/MEDIUM: 575G/LARGE: 606G

Packaged Includes:

1 x Wooden Shoe Stretchers
1 x Packaged Bag

See How Much More Comfortable Your Feet Feel!

You deserve to have shoes that fit well. These Wooden Shoe Stretchers will help your shoes stretch out so that they're not rubbing against your feet anymore. Order your Wooden Shoe Stretchers TODAY and take advantage of our 50% off! whilst stock lasts.

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